Investment promotion


Franchise Advantage

 Tejjer invites you to dig gold sanitary blue sea together

Market advantage - the gold digging era to seize billions of market

Flexible investment returns

Booth type operation, not directly affected by the store area, the store can be large or small, flexible operation.


Product advantage - champion quality conscience products

Hundreds of billions of smart toilet market tejie invites you to bring home the gold

Tejer intelligent products integrate health, fashion, hygiene and technology, creating a more comfortable toilet experience for consumers with different demands.


Brand advantage - 16 years of brand accumulation quality sublimation

With 16 years of brand accumulation, Tejie brand has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the domestic intelligent toilet industry, Tejie has the most powerful technical development team, always mastering the core technology of intelligent toilet and winning the market with science and technology.


Production advantage - Lean production quality first

The company's annual output of intelligent toilet can reach 1 million units, Tejer has become a well-known domestic intelligent manufacturer, international and domestic well-known brands have cooperation, in the industry has a good reputation


Operational support advantage - Housekeeping marketing support

Professional operation help let you worry free operation

With 15 years of brand operation, rich products and intimate product services, the headquarters set up a business school to help agents carry out product training, brand operation, store operation and other relevant guidance.


Channel advantage - super strength to support the rapid development of channels

Tejie carries out strict regional protection and price protection for agents, and a more reasonable operation mode to help agents establish regional brand advantages faster and better, and occupy the intelligent market.


After-sales service advantage - outlets throughout the country

There are nearly 2,000 after-sales service outlets in 23 provinces of China, and the service network covers the whole country to ensure after-sales service without worry.

Joining conditions

Understand the intelligent sanitary ware industry, highly identify with the corporate culture, willing to cooperate, can reach a consensus, willing to grow together with the company, common development;

Have certain operation management and marketing ability, have strong communication ability;

Having an independent legal person qualification and a business and sales site;

Have certain financial strength, good financial condition, integrity-based;

More than two years of sales experience in building materials, and have a certain building materials sales channels and good customer base;

Willing to accept the company's investigation and professional training, respect and obey the company brand and channel standard management, can operate according to the company brand;

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Joining process

 Tejjer intelligent toilet nationwide investment, virtual "generation", just waiting for you to come!


1 Discuss consult


Join Apply


Cooperation signing


4 Store decoration


5 Dissemination of market information


Technical and sales training


official operation


8 follow-up guidance

Online joining

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